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Hello! Thanks for checking out Builder By Bike!  My name is Chris Sanderson, and I am the owner and manager of Builder By Bike. 

I never intended this to be a full-time business when I moved up here in 2010. Like many in Oregon, I was looking for work, and nothing was happening for me. I had worked as a facilities manager in San Francisco, and figured I'd easily find work here. Boy, was I wrong! Many of my friends knew I was handy, and started to refer me on to their friends to do work, and the next thing I knew, I was running a business. I started a bank account, got a tax ID number from the IRS, my contractor's license, and then Builder By Bike was born.

Builder By Bike grew out of many passions that I have: backpacking, sustainability, bicycling, the outdoors, creativity, and building.  I borrow from all these passions to build a contracting business that is responsible, provides quality work, and is a lot of fun!  

I am active in the Portland community as a volunteer with Friends of Trees, the Mount Hood Chapter of the Pacific Crest Trail Association, and Bicycle Transportation Alliance.  I enjoy giving back to a community that has embraced my business so much!

Payment For Services


Builder By Bike accepts checks, cash, and credit cards for services rendered. Occasionally I barter services, so please don't be afraid to ask!

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